About us

This thing started with the idea of developing and sharing skills for living.  The real skills you'd need in the event of a breakdown of society - say as a result of a zombie apocalypse or the rise of dystopian politics.  

This was a pretty broad remit, so we narrowed it down to:

  • growing our own fruit and vegetables

  • rearing our own livestock 

  • developing survival skills

  • exploring how technology can help with this

  • sharing what we learn to encourage others in similar ventures

  • helping new generations gain a better understanding where their food comes from.

A few years ago we started a 'practice' smallholding, using it as a kind of lab environment for various projects.  We started out as a scientist and an engineer and we haven't lost our passion for learning and building.  We love the outdoors and like to experiment to find out first hand how stuff works.  We got some chickens, built a cob oven, set up an aquaponics system, got into solar energy, and looked at automation. 

The following year we added a polytunnel, learned about beekeeping, and started growing a variety of crops to see what worked.  We fought running battles with slugs, discovered the joys of growing chillies, and had our first proper harvests.

We set up Natural Progress to see if we can cover some of our costs by selling products.  We're starting small, selling at local farmers markets and via an online shop.  The ethos remains the same - ethically sourced and natural.

We learn from failing often, understand ourselves a little bit more, argue a lot, but mostly through bloody minded determination, inch ever closer towards our goals.

Pete and Ayesha