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Ayesha Mian

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Ayesha always wanted to change the world.  By trial and error she eventually found her way…


Starting her career as a Physicist, Ayesha looked forward to a life in sandals and corduroys but moved into IT to practice speaking German. She currently works at Norton Rose Fulbright, where she also manages the diversity, equity and inclusion Muslim network promoting awareness and educating on Islam and the responsibility as Muslims to tackle Human Rights, Climate Change and the refugee crisis.


Ayesha is a trustee for the Utrujj Foundation, which believes in cultivating exemplary Islamic character to revitalise our communities.  In 2019 she featured in the Emerald Network's list of 100 inspiring Muslims.


She gained an RAF flying scholarship and an RAF marksmanship.  Neither of which appears on her CV for obvious reasons.


Outside of work she is passionate about sustainable lifestyle and slow fashion, spending winter mending holes in patched up jeans. Ayesha and her husband keep free range Star Wars chickens, experiment with solar energy, have built an aquaponics system in their greenhouse, keep half a million bees, and grow their own food.

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