Free range eggs

We have a small flock of nine chickens.  Six of them arrived as juveniles in January 2018 and we acquired three 'lodgers'  who are now more or less permanent.

To read more about how we care for our chickens, and what we feed them on, check out our chickens page.

Who laid my egg?

Princess Layer

She's fast, flighty and feisty.  Princess Layer doesn't take any nonsense from anyone.  She's independent, often preferring to do her own thing rather that hang out with the rest of the gang.

Princess Layer produces the white egg.

Hen Solo and Chewpecca

Like their namesakes, they're inseparable.  Mild-mannered and super friendly, these are the ones who get the cuddles from visitors.

Their eggs are medium sized, light brown.

Henakin Skywalker

A proper 'mother hen'.  In the year we've had her, Henakin has gone broody twice.  When she's broody she takes on a new personality, generally looking indignant, holding her ground, and pecking at us when we come to pick up the eggs.

No egg photo for Henakin at the moment as she's not currently laying.

Kylo Hen

Also known as Kevin (don’t ask).

Kylo's eggs are darkish brown (but not as dark as Obeak-Wan's).

Obeak-Wan Kenobi

The youngest of the flock, Obeak-Wan is a bit of a loner.  But in the mornings, she's also the noisiest!

Obeak-Wan lays a gorgeous very dark brown egg.  

Ronnie and Reggie (the Kray twins)

Ronnie and Reggie run the manor.  They've got the weight, the muscle and the attitude.  No one messes with them.  Most keep out of their way, except Princess Layer who just ignores them.  For some reason they leave her alone.  Ronnie is slightly smaller, Reggie is just a nutter…

The Krays do however deliver the merchandise - large medium brown eggs.


So named because when she first arrived, she was missing a lot of her feathers (we understand this was a punishment by the Krays for a previous transgression).  They’ve grown back now but the name has stuck.  She runs errands for Ronnie and Reggie, is brave when they're around, but is timid when on her own.

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