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Free range eggs

We sell our excess eggs locally in the High Wycombe area - on a subscription basis.  Please get in touch if you're interested in joining the subscription as we may have capacity (despite it saying "sold out" below).

Our chickens


The chicken coop (aka 'chickmobile') has nest boxes and plenty of perching places inside.  We use woodchip on the floor and hay or straw in the nest boxes.  Diatomaceous Earth (natural crushed fossil made in to a very fine powder) is sprinkled in the coop to keep down any crawling insects.  The coop door opens automatically in the morning and closes at dusk so they can come and go as they please within the safety of their run. 

The run is open permanent pasture protected by an electric fence.  The electric fence is our first line of defence against foxes.  The chickens have free access to the run during the day where they can graze on the grass, and go bug hunting.


The chickens are fed on layers pellets and mixed corn.  They supplement this with forage, bugs and worms from around the chicken run.

Water is available within their enclosure 24-7.  We add a splash of apple cider vinegar to their drinking water to help boost their immune systems.

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