Pesticide harmful to bees authorised for use in England despite EU ban.  Guardian article.

Digestive biscuits.png

This is the recipe we use for our digestive biscuits.  It's from Bee's Brilliant Biscuits - shared by Jamie Oliver.

Courgette cake.png

Use up the courgette glut with this recipe from Cat Curly's cooking.

Black Soil

Geoff shows how to build a wormery from an old bath tub.

Our 'go to' sourdough recipe.  Easy, reliable, and lots of big bubbles!

Free screening of Rosario Dawson’s award-winning documentary.

Don't let Trump destroy our food import standards.

Your country needs you - Jamie's appeal for food standards.

Our journey into a more sustainable living, through experimental projects and huge amounts of gung-ho  from our Buckinghamshire, UK smallholding.

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