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Our chickens

We thought we'd introduce our six chickens - which we acquired back in January. These were bought from - working out at around £20 each. The lady we bought them from recommended getting a selection of breeds - as it makes it easier to work out which ones are laying. This was very good advice!

So... here they are, in no particular order.

Princess Layer

The princess is a White Star chicken. She's fast, flighty and feisty. We had to clip her wings when she first arrived. Princess Layer doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. She's independent, often preferring to do her own thing rather than hang out with the rest of the gang. There's no chance of cuddles, but you have to admire her fearless spirit. She's also a very reliable layer - beautiful pure white eggs.

Hen Solo and Chewpecca

Like their namesakes, they're inseparable. Mild-mannered and super friendly, these are the ones who get the cuddles from visitors. These are Gold Star chickens.

Henakin Skywalker

A proper 'mother hen'. When she's broody she takes on a new personality, generally looking indignant, holding her ground, and pecking at us when we come to pick up the eggs. We're not too sure what type of chicken she is. (If you can tell, please let us know!)

Kylo Hen

Also known as Kevin (don’t ask), she's a Black Star chicken. Kylo always likes to get special treatment when it's time for a corn treat - preferring to eat straight from the bucket, rather than grubbing around in the dirt with the others.

Obeak-Wan Kenobi

Obeak-Wan was the youngest of the six - and definitely the noisiest! She's always calling out for food in the morning when she sees us coming down the path. She's a Blacktail Red (we think). Like Princess Layer, she's fast and likes to keep her distance


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