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Small is beautiful

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

For about eighteen months we've been searching for a smallholding property to buy.  Somewhere with two or three acres, a nice house, not too expensive, oh and close to a station with a fast commute time into London.  For some reason we can't work out, it's proving a challenge…  

So while we're looking for our smallholding, we’re learning on our 'microholding' (aka a corner of the garden at the family home in High Wycombe).  We have a couple of chicken enclosures, a greenhouse, some small fruit trees, compost bins, raised beds, and err… well that's about it really.

Here’s an aerial view:

Yup, it really is that small - but hey, small is beautiful and brings the benefit of scaling down the impact of our mistakes.  And if and when we actually manage to find a property, then we'll just seamlessly transition to our new home and upscale :)

We've been using the microholding to run a few projects.  These have included:

  • Looking after half a dozen chickens

  • Building a cob oven

  • Setting up an aquaponics system

  • Experimenting with solar power  

So now we have a website, the plan is to get writing and share our triumphs and disasters, and hopefully make some connections with other like-minded souls.  Who knows where it'll lead?

We'd love to hear from you via:


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