Two 227g jars of our raw, unpasteurised honey, with a wooden honey server and a pack of bee-friendly wildflower seeds, presented in a small wicker basket.


Our honey is taken from our own bees on our Buckinghamshire apiary.  It's a light, floral honey with citrus tones, made with nectar from mixed flower sources.  We strain our honey to remove impurities but avoid ultra-fine filtering.  So you retain all the benefits of this natural superfood!


See how we take the honey from our hives, spin it from the frames, and jar it up.


The wooden honey server is grooved so it loads up with honey, and is perfect for drizzling runny honey on to your toast or porridge!


The UK wildflower seeds are specially selected to be attractive to bees and contain foxglove, betony, red clover, lesser knapweed, common vetch, wild marjoram and cornflower.  There's enough to cover 1 square metre.



2 x 227g jars of raw honey, 

1 x natural wood honey server, 

1 x pack of bee-friendly wildflower seeds (2g)

1 x small wicker basket (approx 230mm x 185mm x 140mm including handles)

Raw honey gift basket