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The 'Greening the Desert' permaculture site in Jordan

We took some time out on our recent trip to Jordan and Palestine to visit the ‘Greening the Desert’ site in Jordan. This is Nadia and Geoff Lawton‘s permaculture site, created to show how permaculture techniques can be applied within arid regions. It serves as proof that we can reverse desertification and bring back life to desolate barren lands. It’s a teaching site but also home to members of their extended family.

The site demonstrates energy-efficient housing with natural cooling systems, a plant nursery, solar electricity and hot water, a natural swimming pool, dry compost toilets and diverse plant, animal and tree systems for local food production.

Permaculture design patterns include wicking beds, swales, mulching, tree guilds / companion planning, banana circles, rainwater harvesting, straw bale building construction, and biological waste water treatment and recycling.

We had a very pleasant stopover - thanks to Hayel, Roshka, Na’ima, Amal and Naila for making us feel welcome 🙂


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