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Sourdough bread

Sourdough is naturally leavened bread - without using commercial yeast.  Sourdough has been made for thousands of years (the oldest example dates back to 3,700 BCE).  It's about as natural as you can get.

We bake several times a week and are happy to supply small quantity sourdough loaves in the High Wycombe area.  Our standard sourdough takes three days to make, so we bake to order.

As well as our standard sourdough blends of organic white and wholemeal flour, we also bake loaves with added fruit, nuts and seeds.

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Traditionally made

We don't use commercial yeast.  Instead. our bread is made using a sourdough 'starter' - a mixture of organic rye flour and water that is allowed to ferment using yeasts naturally present in the air around us.  We feed our starter up on flour and water a few days before baking so it's nice and active.

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No additives

Our standard sourdough is made from just three ingredients:

  • Doves Farm organic flour

  • Filtered water

  • Himalayan pink salt 

For our fruit, nut and seed recipes we try and source certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

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