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Handmade in small batches from natural ingredients

Artisan soap

All our soaps are handmade by us in small batches from natural ingredients using the traditional ‘cold process’ technique.  Our soaps are minimally packaged with recyclable materials.  Even our labels are recyclable which ensures that our products are totally biodegradable.

Is it time to move on from squirting chemicals from plastic dispensers?  

Our soap collection

Gourmet Olive Oil


Natural ingredients

Some of our favourite ingredients are listed below:

  • Olive oil - forming the base of many of our recipes, olive oil is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, and creates a creamy lather​.

  • Coconut oil (organic) - excellent cleansing properties and extremely mild on the skin.

  • Rapeseed oil - provides a moisturising quality.​

  • Castor oil (organic) - helps with lathering and is easily absorbed into skin to soften and condition.

  • Red clay - provides colour and acts as a mild exfoliant .

  • Essential oils - provide natural scent.

Forest Trees


No palm oil

Palm oil production is having a devastating impact worldwide.  Expansion of palm plantations is destroying tropical forests and endangering wildlife.  Whilst there are sustainable schemes to support responsible palm oil production, there's an awful lot of 'dirty' palm oil finding its way into goods that we use daily.

8 things to know about palm oil (from the World Wildlife Fund).


Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a chemical commonly used in soap making.  It's a surfactant, trapping grease so it can be rinsed away.  It's usually produced industrially from coconut oil or palm oil.  It's generally regarded as a safe product, however it can cause damage to the outer layer of skin by disrupting the function of skin proteins and causing itchy, cracked, and dry skin. This can be a problem for those with sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. We think it's better to make bubbles from natural products so we don’t use SLS in our soaps. 

No parabens

Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacteria in deodorants, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and more. Whilst there is not yet enough evidence to link parabens to cancer, studies have shown that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells.  Estrogenic activity is associated with certain forms of breast cancer and parabens have been found present in breast tumours. We therefore prefer to avoid these - better to be safe than sorry!


No plastic

There's enough plastic in our oceans and environment already - we don't need any more.  You won't find plastic micro beads or other such horrors in our soaps. 


Tested on humans

Neither our soaps, nor their ingredients are tested on animals.


Minimal packaging

We use minimal packaging - just simple recyclable paper wraps.​

Looking after your soap

Prolong the life of your soap by allowing the bar to dry in between uses.  Try not to leave it in a puddle of water in a soap dish.  We find the best soap dishes are those that incorporate ridges or a grid to allow air to circulate around the bar.

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