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The good life?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We haven't quite worked out the meaning to life, the universe and everything - but we know the answer is 42 and that chickens are in there somewhere. Possibly goats, definitely fish and lots of homemade, bacteria-filled yogurt and granola to get us through it.

I had thought that getting this far in life, I'd have it all worked out….I'd be a researcher in some university lab enjoying the quiet, isolated thrills of academia. Instead I find myself taking delight in the laboratory of life and its empirical virtues: cleaning out fish poo from the sump tank using a homemade water hoover or battling it out in my garden reliving the "Day of the Triffids" on a weekly basis. There is a never ending stream of work required but it is satisfying, not always deeply and meaningfully…sometimes just simply.

We do spend more time alone as a result. Having thus slowly eroded my social abilities, I rely on the Debrett's guide to making conversation "Do not be afraid of sounding dull. Good eye contact and a ready smile will enliven any conversation".

We were never really sure about the good life initially and needed more input. We dipped our toes in by attending smallholding courses and wrestled a sheep or two to see how it felt.

It felt the right direction. So we just started, and are still very much finding our way.

We've been to a couple of permaculture events. I have not been too impressed I have to confess. They were neither well structured nor organised and perhaps a little too heavily laced with "feel good vibes can make the world a better place". Sorry for my cynicism (if you have been to any good ones please share!).

Our daily trudge to work (as in day jobs, not the good life) means time on our microholding is limited. It also means we haven't figured out how to get rich selling lettuce and basil.

Why we are doing this and what "this" is , still needs more consideration but we know we want to be able to use sustainable means to raise and grow our own food, live a bit more off-grid and develop the skills needed not only to survive but to succeed should the time come when convenience stores are no longer convenient.

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